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Online Homeschool | Thailand

Online Homeschooling with Teacher Ron

Online Homeschool in Thailand

In this period of time with many changes in the world it seems Online schooling is rising to be one of the best options for your children. At Fen-I/ the buddy genius we grow together with the world community and we offer homeschooling Online for 3–9-year-old children.

Based on Finland’s education system, which has a decades-long reputation as one of the best in the world, we offer personalized education that is accessible anywhere in Thailand. Or even anywhere in the world.

Online Homeschool in Thailand

Some of these online classes are in groups and some are individual, tailored to the needs and wants of the students. Students can learn at the comfort of their own home. Students own activity and interaction with the teacher, other students and the learning environment is important.

Online Homeschool in Thailand

An array of subjects and skills, such as English language, fine motor skills, social skills, sensory skills, mathematics, geometry, biology and geography are being taught, mainly through the practical use of Art and Science.

Online Homeschool in Thailand

Classes start with a warm up activity such as dancing, singing or games. After that we move on to the main activity of the lesson, introducing new vocabulary and a short presentation on the subject of the day. The main part of the lesson consists of an activity in which the students bring in to practice what they have learned.

For example; We had a lesson about dinosaurs where we first look at the history of Dinosaurs and what type of Dinosaurs existed. After this short presentation we moved on to making our own Dinosaurs using recycled materials to also made them environmentally aware and teach them to use materials they would normally throw away.

Online Homeschool in Thailand

Next to the regular curriculum we also focus on social skills such as taking care of others, helping others and learning to be independent workers, able to take care of themselves.

At Fen-I/The Buddy Genius we aim to create a new generation of genius children with the enthusiasm and habit of lifelong learning, who are happy, competent and confident to lead the change in the 21st century world.

Online Homeschool

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