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Naming folders in Drive:



Naming folders in Drive:

In Drive we must name folders and files in a way that it's searchable.

It is very important to be mindful of the way we name files

When creating a new document consider the following:

  • Type of document – e.g., presentation, lesson plan, contract, pitch, outline, invoice

  • Date – e.g, date created, date modified

  • Name of people or group involved – e.g., student’s name, client name, company name, office branch location

  • Department – e.g., class subject, department name

  • Project or topic

  • Version #

  • Status of file – e.g., filed, for review, approved, saved, archived

  • Security level – e.g., confidential, for general use

In a growing company new documents will be created on a daily basis. If we do not follow a pattern and be mindful of file naming we will end up with a messy storage system where things go missing.

Be descriptive please!

Best practices

  • Use underscores (_) in place of spaces

  • When including dates, include the year. The format is (YYYY_MM_DD)

  • Separate the date from the rest of the file name with brackets. For example: English_Student_Questionnaire_[2017_11_15]

  • Try to abbreviate where it makes sense, in order to make information easier and faster to understand.

  • When abbreviating, use caps. For example, accounting becomes ACCT; management becomes MGMT.

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