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Afrikaans, South African with a 970 on my TOEIC test. Can read spray charts and balance sheets. 1 part Entrepreneur. 1 part language teacher. 3 parts skill and self development enthusiast. 2 parts G Sheets geek. Too many parts? Here are some of my useless skills:

- Pilot a boat

- Solder copper pipes

- Build electronic circuits

- Juggle

- Build IKEA furniture without the manual

- Solve a Rubick's cube in under 60 seconds

- Oil paint

- Make fishing rigs

- Cast a bait caster without tangling the spool


Afrikaans, English and Javascript

I have pursued vastly different fields of careers spanning from Day Trading to Logistics to Climatology. This gives me an array of general knowledge across opposite spectrums. Teaching you more than just English.



English Teacher

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